What to do if you have a fall?

Having a personal alarm, or mobile phone, on you at all times will help you to call for help when you need it. Panic buttons that can be worn around the wrist are easier to wear than around the neck. Note most panic buttons only work indoors so it is very important you keep a mobile phone or an alarm that works outdoors ( i.e for farmers or gardeners) Ask one of our pharmacy assistants to discuss the application form for either an indoors or outdoors alarm system and we will support you to complete the process.
NB!! Ensuring that a family member or neighbour has a spare key will allow people to get to you quickly.

Checking for injuries
The first thing you need to do after a fall is to check if you’re hurt. Take a few minutes to check your body for any pain or injuries, then:

  • If you’re not hurt or unable to get off the floor, call for help, keep warm and move if you can.
  • If you’re not hurt and feel well enough, you should try to get up from the floor as safely as possible.

The best way to get up off the floor will differ from person to person, but as a guide, you should:
1. Roll onto your side then slowly pull yourself up so that you’re on your hands and knees
2. Crawl towards a sturdy object that can support you to get up — such as a solid chair or the stairs
3. Using the object, and supporting your weight with your hands, slide one foot forward so that it’s flat on the floor. Your other knee should remain on the floor
4. Pushing up from your arms and legs, slowly rise to your feet or to a sitting position
5. Sit for a few minutes before you try to do anything else

Click on the below link to view a practical demonstration explaining how to get up from the
ground after a fall:

If you require further advice or information relating to this information page, please speak
with one of our trained members of staff here in Bandon Medical Hall to assist you further.

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