Home Environment

  • Environment: Remove trip hazards such as running cords along the floor, mats and rugs that are worn and would affect a person walking with a mobility aid ( the end of the aid can get stuck in rugs and matt edges) .
  • Going up or down a stairs: ALWAYS BE AWARE WHAT STEP you are on especially THE LAST TWO steps from the top or bottom.
  • Ensure there is a hand rail on at least one side of the stair case.
  • Ensure adequate lighting is in place (i.e light switch at both the top and bottom of the stair case).
  • STAIRCASES: A second hand rail will add extra safety on the stairs. However, if it becomes too unsafe to use stairs safely, consider setting up a bed on the groundfloor. A commode can be considered if there is no toilet on the ground floor.
  • A stairlift could also be considered following appropriate assessments of the environment and individual needs.
  • Click on the below Assist Ireland Link under title Mobility Aid Grant Scheme to read more on the grant process. Alternatively ask one
    of pharmacy staff for guidance on Private Stairlift companies


  • Ensure plenty light abounds the house, not just on the stairs (especially on the stairs and for access to the bathroom overnight and for front and backyards)
  • Remove high rising saddles going between rooms (sand down to get the saddle as flush as possible)
  • Tiles that are slippy: Apply non slip coating to slippery tiles.
  • If water spills on the floor, mop it up straight away (don’t run off to answer the phone as you ll have forgotten about that wet patch!!
  • Remove carpet or flooring that has any tears or broken areas.
  • LOOSE TOYS: Be mindful to avoid loose toys that are scattered on the floor and even suggest to MOM or DAD to clear away toys that are on the floor.
  • Adapting the Bathroom- Getting in and out of a bath or stepping over a high shower tray can become more challenging as we get older. An occupational Therapist can advise you on adaptions to the bath and wet room specifications and design. A grant is available for wet rooms- see attached information in the above link or speak with one of pharmacy staff to discuss any queries relating to the grant process.
    Note: Clink on the attached Home Hazard Screening Checklist that you can do in your own
  • Stepping On Checklist here Home Hazard Screening Checklist


Taking night sedation or relaxants can impair mobility and increase the risk of falls especially during the night. Polypharmacy i.e taking multiple tablets can have a negative effect and it is advised to speak with your GP and review the need to keep medications that can cause
drowsiness and impair balance.

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