Eye sight

  • Vision: Avoid wearing BI-FOCALS when using steps or stairs as this can affect depth perception.
  • Ensure you look after your eyes by getting check-ups at least every 2 years and wearing the appropriate prescribed glasses for the right purpose.
  • Sunglasses are advised against the glare of the sun which can damage the macula of
    the eye.
  • Cataracts can only be removed until they are ripe enough to be extracted. Visual
    acuity will be diminished in the presence of cataracts thus extra caution and lighting
    around the home is recommended
  • Other eye conditions that can contribute to falls include Macular degeneration and
    Glaucoma. If you feel you are having trouble with your central vision (seeing straight
    ahead) or with peripheral vision (side vision), see your GP immediately for further
    advice and appropriate referrals.
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