It is our mission here at McLaughlin’s Pharmacy to provide a range of mobility products and educational sessions that will enable wellbeing and help prevent risks such as falls and injuries.These in- house educational sessions are delivered by local senior Occupational Therapist, Helen Slyne, who specialises in the field of care of the elderly.

Mobility Challenges

Getting older can impart challenges to activities of daily living such as walking, getting in and out of a car, getting dressed, toileting and accessing our local communities.

As we get older, biological systems that control our mobility and balance can deteriorate and present risks such as falls, injuries (fractured hips, ankles and wrists) and for some, admission to long term care.

Additional factors such as poor vision, unsuitable footwear, environmental home hazards and medication can also place vulnerable and elderly people at risk of serious injury and hospitalisation.

Statistics on falls

  • 1 in 3 over 65 people fall.
  • Falls can lead to reduced mobility and confidence (fear of falling), pain, loss of roles and increased isolation.
  • 10% of people who fall will sustain a fracture which will lead to hospitalisation.
  • 250 older people in Ireland die each year following a fall


Following a surgical procedure

Mobility products are recommended for a temporary basis, following a hip or knee replacement.  It is advised by healthcare professionals to use adaptive equipment for activities of daily living for example, dressing aids to put clothing on, having a raised toilet seat and additional adaptations throughout the house.

Evidenced Based Research

McLaughlins have teamed up with experts in the health care field in order to provide individualised and group information sessions that address falls prevention strategies, health and wellbeing tips and how to use the equipment we now have in store.

Please give us a ring on 023 884 1115 or email if you’d like any more info on the above.



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